Go Nuts

The programs are specially created to provide a variety which will excite both boys and girls of different ages. The programs are based on children creating their own memories to take home.

Aquanuts On Stage

Special productions acted out by children and performed for parents at the end of the day.

Scavenger Hunts

Creatively produced hunts to suit the location and age group.

Makeovers and Photoshoots

Children can transform themselves into different characters such as mermaids, pirates or princesses and have their photo taken to put on different backgrounds. Children can take home a photo of them as a mermaid on a shell on the ocean floor, a pirate on the high seas or a fairy on a flower.

Games and Software

Specially chosen software will provide hours of creative entertainment for the children. Examples of these include ComicLife, where children can create their own comic books or VideoCue, where children can read from an autocue to present today's news at the club.

Special Themed Events

Our special events include mad science, water adventure, outer space, sea turtles, and more!